Staff - Modelling and simulation

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Mike C Smith Professor of Welding Technology 0161-3065751 George Begg Building - C43 
Dr Imran Afgan Senior Lecturer and Director MSc Thermal Power & Fluids Engg 0161-2754334 George Begg Building - C38 
Dr David Apsley Lecturer 0161-3063732 Pariser Building - C15 
Prof Paulo JDS Bartolo Chair in Advanced Manufacturing 0161-3064887 Pariser Building - C4 
Dr Nicholas Bojdo Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Andrea Bottacin Busolin Lecturer 0161-3068970 Pariser Building - B15 
Dr Andrea Cioncolini Senior Lecturer 0161-3063711 George Begg Building - C32 
Dr Martin Gillie Reader 0161-2754463 Pariser Building - C19 
Prof Julien Harou Professor of Water Engineering 0161-3064589 Pariser Building - B37 
Prof Andrey Jivkov Professor of Solid Mechanics 0161-3063765 George Begg Building - C.034 
Dr Kali-Babu Katnam Lecturer in Structural Engineering 0161-2754307 Pariser Building - G12 
Dr Amir Keshmiri Lecturer in CFD/Director of Business Engagement 0161-3065752 George Begg Building - C42 
Dr Steven Lind Lecturer 0161-2754260 Pariser Building - B3 
Dr Domenico Lombardi Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-2754544 Pariser Building - C27 
Dr Adel Nasser Senior Lecturer 0161-3063537 George Begg Building - C39 
Dr Lei Ren Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics 0161-3064251 Pariser Building - C13 
Prof Benedict Rogers Professor Pariser Building 
Dr Matthew Roy Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments 0161-2754316 Pariser Building - B49 
Dr Timothy Stallard Reader 0161-3064649 Pariser Building - B17 
Prof Peter Stansby Osborne Reynolds Chair 0161-3064598 Pariser Building - B9 
Dr Andrew Weightman Senior Lecturer 0161-3063812 Pariser Building - B19 
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