Coastal engineering

Manchester has long-standing expertise in coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport.

Our research addresses fundamental fluid dynamics at various scales ranging from breakwater over-topping and impact due to individual waves through to sandbank dynamics and the long-term changes of coastal morphology due to climate change induced sea level changes. 


Research focus

Two current large collaborative projects are funded by NERC:

  • iCOASST which addresses the question of where the sea bed will be in 2100, where we undertake large-scale hydro-morphodynamic processes for the UK continental shelf.
  • tsunami risk generated by submarine landslides in the Arctic due to climate change.

Recent projects

  • Wave energy projects have studied the effect of wave energy extraction on coastal erosion.
  • Tidal projects have provided new insight into hydro- and sediment dynamics downstream of tidal barrages. 

Leading the field

Professor Peter Stansby was lead of the Coastal Inundation Super Work Package of the UK Flood Risk Management and Research Consortium (FRMRC) and was a member of the Severn Barrage Expert panel for DECC. 


Academic Staff: Dr David D Apsley,  Prof Peter Stansby, Dr Ben Rogers

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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