Steam turbine blade vibration
Steam turbine blade vibration measurement


Our research is concerned with the analysis (theoretical and experimental) of the dynamics of rotating machinery, which is essential for guaranteeing its structural integrity.  This also covers expertise in tribology since a significant proportion of the research concerns turbomachinery running on nonlinear bearings (e.g. aeroengine squeeze-film bearings, floating ring bearings used on turbochargers, foil-air bearings used on oil-free turbomachinery). 

Other research areas involve:

  • development of non-contact methods for turbomachine blade vibration measurement with application aeroengines
  • identification of rotating unbalance
  • modelling of cracks
  • steam Turbine Blade Vibration and its Life assessment
  • research into on-shaft wireless MEMS accelerometers.


Rotordynamics and machine condition monitoring facilities
  • Bearing and gearbox testing
  • Blade vibration testing
  • Condition monitoring rigs

Externally funded projects

  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis of oil-free turbomachinery, 2011-2014 EPSRC EP/I029184/1
    This project is establishing expertise (including a test facility) in this green technology (based on “foil-air bearings”) that was non-existent in the UK before the project.
  • Samulet Project 1 – High efficiency turbomachinery, Work Package 1.7, 2009-2013 EPSRC EP/H00128X/1
    This “user-led research” project is the latest in a series of EngD projects in collaboration with Rolls-Royce, involving the development of computer algorithms for the measurement of aero-engine turbine blade vibration through a non-contact method (blade tip timing).
  • Nonlinear Vibration of multi-spool aero-engine assemblies, 2006-2010, EPSRC EP/D054575/1
    This project involved the development of novel computer algorithms in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and the building of an aero-engine bearing test facility.
  • Identification of squeeze-film bearings for aero-engine vibration analysis, 2007-2011 (EPSRC DTA scholarship)
    This project developed computational and experimental techniques for identifying aero-engine bearing models for use in rotordynamics calculations.
  • Development of an Integrated Combined Approach for Operational Fatigue Life and Condition Monitoring for EDF UK Wind Turbine towers and foundations (2014-2016), EPSRC AAI and EDF Energy, UK.
  • To embed new knowledge and expertise in turbine blade cracking, enabling the development of condition monitoring technology and standard test procedures (2014-2016) TSB and EDF Energy, UK.
  • Steam Turbines Vibration Analysis (2011-2014) EDF Energy, UK.
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis of the Foundation of Steam Turbine (2 units) at West Burton Power Station, Nottinghamshire (2011) EDF Energy, UK.
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