Structural vibration, control and energy harvesting

Theoretical and experimental analysis of generic structural vibration, its effects, control and exploitation

Our capabilities

  • development of vibration control strategies and devices through the use of smart structures and materials
  • understanding human-structure interaction with a view to mitigating adverse effects
  • exploitation of ambient vibration through the development of energy harvesting devices
  • “in-situ/ as-installed” dynamic characterisation (Modal testing) of structures, machines, equipment, etc
  • Isolation Tables as per requirement
  • design modification by “in-situ” testing and finite element analysis
  • structures, piping and machines installation and commissioning based on vibration testing.

Funded PhD projects

  • Magnetorheological dampers for automotive suspensions. 2006-2010 funded by Egyptian Government.
  • Energy harvesting vibration absorbing devices. 2007-2011 funded by Pakistani Government.
  • Engineering constitutive and failure model of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics. Funded by Egyptian Government.
  • Vibration control of nuclear power plants subjected to earthquake actions. 2012-2015 funded by Chilean Government.
  • Performance based seismic design of buildings with buckling-restrained braces. 2012-2016 funded by Mexican Government.

Technical consultancy

  • Vibration assessment of the Wembley Stadium.
  • Vibration measurement of the London Eye.
  • Measurement of natural frequencies of the Govan Stand at the Ibrox Stadium before and after its extension.
  • Remedial scheme of floor vibration induced by dance type loads at a night club in Norwich.
  • Floor vibration induced by dance type loads at a sport centre in Coventry.
  • Review of the remedial scheme for vibration reduction at Harlequinns Centre.
  • Vibration assessment of a new floor in London.
  • Using a floating floor to reduce floor vibration induced by rhythmic crowd loads.
  • Vibration assessment of a foundation for a chipper machine.
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