Turbulence modelling

Manchester has a long and distinguished history of research into turbulence and its modelling.

Current work includes the development of a range of modelling strategies and techniques that can be applied to challenging fluid flow and heat transfer problems in variety of aerospace, power generation, nuclear, environmental and other applications, and there are clear linkages with work done in the computational fluid dynamics CFD specialism.

Experimental work is also undertaken, designed to provide detailed and high quality quantitative data for use in model validation.

Research focus

  • Advanced and robust non-linear eddy-viscosity and stress transport models.
  • Efficient and accurate near-wall modelling approaches.
  • Modelling of buoyancy-affected flows, using RANS and LES approaches.
  • Modelling of magnetohydrodynamic flows.
  • Applications to blade cooling, thermal hydraulics, aerodynamics, environmental and biological flows. 


Academic Staff: Dr M Cotton, Dr T Craft, Prof H Iacovides, Prof B Launder, Dr A RevellDr Neil Ashton

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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