Nuclear facilities

Nuclear graphite suite

Mechanical Analysis
Mechanical analysis suite
  • Helium Pycnometer
  • Resonant Frequency and Dampening Analyser
  • Surface Area Analyser
  • Ultrasonic Elasticity Measurement System
  • High Accuracy Balances
  • Laser Marking System
Radiolytical Analysis Suite 
Radiolytical analysis
  • Radiolytical Systems
  • Leaching Facilities
  • Laser Flash Analyser (LFA)



Nuclear fuel suite

Thermophysical Analysis Suite
Thermophysical analysis
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (STA)
  • Dilatometer (DIL)
  • Laser Flash Analyser (LFA)


mass spectrometry suite 

Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory

Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory
Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory houses a comprehensive range of manufacturing process, component testing and analytical research equipment, which includes:
  • Robotic laser welding, cutting and cladding cells
  • TIG narrow gap and submerged arc seam/cladding welding cells
  • Picosecond pulsed laser machining centre
  • Extensive suite of static and dynamic testing machines and autoclaves (aqueous, gas)
  • High temperature facility for creep and creep fatigue testing
  • EDM machines for high precision machining
  • Cranage (overhead and floor), racking and storage
  • Industrial scale specimen preparation and metrology
  • Welding residual stress modelling and simulation centre
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