Staff - Nuclear engineering

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Timothy Abram Professor in Nuclear Fuel Technology 07730-3064813 Pariser Building - B6 
Prof Paul Mummery Chair in Nuclear Materials 0161-3063686 Pariser Building - G11 
Dr Imran Afgan Senior Lecturer and Director MSc Thermal Power & Fluids Engg 0161-2754334 George Begg Building - C38 
Prof Robert Ainsworth Professor of Structural Integrity 0161-2754317 Pariser Building - B7 
Dr Andrea Cioncolini Senior Lecturer 0161-3063711 George Begg Building - C32 
Mr Dennis Cooper Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063796 George Begg Building - C26 
Mr Dennis Cooper Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063796 George Begg Building - C26 
Dr Keith Davey Reader 0161-3063834 Pariser Building - C10 
Dr John Francis Reader 0161-2751913 Sackville Street Building - B38D 
Prof Andrew Gale Professor, Management of Projects Research Theme Leader Pariser Building - E12 
Dr Marialuisa Gentile Research Associate 0161-3062352 Pariser Building - C17 
Dr Graham Hall Senior Lecturer 0161-2754400 Pariser Building - C18 
Prof Hector Iacovides Professor 0161-3063709 George Begg Building - C36B 
Prof Andrey Jivkov Professor of Solid Mechanics 0161-3063765 George Begg Building - C.034 
Dr Abbie Jones Professor 0161-3063848 Pariser Building - G10 
Dr Christopher Jones Research Associate 0161-2754432 Pariser Building - H1A 
Dr Amir Keshmiri Lecturer in CFD/Director of Business Engagement 0161-3065752 George Begg Building - C42 
Prof Brian Launder Part-time Research Professor 0161-3063801 George Begg Building - C31 
Prof Dominique Laurence Professor 0161-3063704 George Begg Building - C27 
Dr Domenico Lombardi Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-2754544 Pariser Building - C27 
Prof Barry Marsden Professor of Nuclear Graphite Technology 0161-2754399 Pariser Building - G9 
Dr Matthew Roy Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments 0161-2754316 Pariser Building - B49 
Dr Marc Schmidt Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063826 Pariser Building - G15 
Prof Mike C Smith Professor of Welding Technology 0161-3065751 George Begg Building - C43 
Prof Graham Thompson Emeritus Professor 
Prof Ali Turan Chair in Thermodynamics of Power Generation 0161-3063712 George Begg Building - C44 
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