Fuel and reactor technology

Fuel rod matrix

Our research covers both front end and back end nuclear energy challenges and areas for development, cutting across the fuel cycle.

We have an extensive research base for the development and characterisation of nuclear fuel and reactor designs and technology.

At the back end of the fuel cycle our research looks at how spent fuels can be treated and processed. Further information


Our work on new technologies for nuclear reactor systems supports the nuclear industry in its operation, maintenance and management of existing reactors and the development of new materials and techniques for the next generation of new nuclear build. Our work includes research in areas covering structural integrity, modelling and simulation, thermal hydraulics and fracture mechanics.

Find out more about the manufacturing research facilities in the Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory, our New Nuclear Manufacturing (NNUMAN) programme  and our collaboration with the University of Sheffield in work undertaken at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

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Spent fuel

The handling, processing and storage of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials is a key area of research at The University of Manchester where solutions are worked on to help the nuclear industry to find new and better ways to manage fuel components at the end of their life cycle.

Our research supports the future sustainability of nuclear energy as we help industry to produce less waste fuel and dispose of or store spent fuel components safely and securely for the long term. Recent studies have contributed to best practice and innovation in nuclear materials management.

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The School undertakes research to develop and improve the performance of nuclear fuels associated with existing and future reactors.

Our work is supporting an industry-wide effort to maximise fuel reliability, extend burn-up periods, and reduce the cost of manufacture. We are exploring how future nuclear reactors can be engineered to the highest performance and safety standards.

One key research programme covering the area of fuel technology is the New Nuclear Manufacturing (NNUMAN) programme.

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Academic Staff: Prof Tim Abram

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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