Nuclear graphite

The Nuclear Graphite Research Group (NGRG) aims to provide independent advice and research into nuclear graphite technology to both national and international organisations and companies.

Nuclear graphite suite

Mechanical Analysis
Mechanical analysis suite
  • Helium Pycnometer
  • Resonant Frequency and Dampening Analyser
  • Surface Area Analyser
  • Ultrasonic Elasticity Measurement System
  • High Accuracy Balances
  • Laser Marking System
Radiolytical Analysis Suite 
Radiolytical analysis
  • Radiolytical Systems
  • Leaching Facilities
  • Laser Flash Analyser (LFA)




The activities of the NGRG cover all aspects related to nuclear graphite, including:

  • graphite material properties due to fast neutron damage and radiolytic oxidation.
  • graphite component stress analysis.
  • whole core behaviour.
  • decommissioning, treatment, and disposal of nuclear graphite waste.


Within this specialism we have achieved a national and international reputation and there is very strong industrial involvement through sponsorship and collaboration.  We have attracted considerable funding for research from both the nuclear industry and its regulator for work on fundamental topics associated with the behaviour of nuclear graphite.  

Sponsors include the Health and Safety Executive (Office for Nuclear Regulation), EDF Energy, Magnox, Nexia Solutions, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), Serco Assurance, AMEC-NNC and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).


Dr Abbie Jones, Dr Graham Hall

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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