Offshore wind energy

Manufacture, deployment and operation of wind turbines is now a major industry sector. More than 6 GW of wind turbines are now installed in the UK and these generate more than 4% of UK electricity demand.

Sites have now been identified for more than 28 GW of additional capacity so that wind turbines will generate more than 20% of present demand. Improvements in turbine design and support structure design are crucial to maintain cost-effective deployments, particularly in deep water.

Research focus

Research within this specialism looks at:

  • the use of composite materials for turbine blades.
  • structures for deep-water deployment.
  • loading due to upstream wakes and the influence of atmospheric turbulence on unsteady loads and turbine performance.
  • the magnitude of breaking wave loads on supporting structures.


Academic Staff:  Dr Tim StallardProf Peter StansbyProf Costas Soutis

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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