Staff - Structural and fire engineering

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Yong Wang Professor 0161-3068968 Pariser Building - C2 
Prof Robert Ainsworth Professor of Structural Integrity 0161-2754317 Pariser Building - B7 
Dr Adrian Bell Senior Lecturer 0161-3064593 Pariser Building - B45 
Dr Lee Cunningham Senior Lecturer 0161-2754408 Pariser Building - B4 
Dr Keith Davey Reader 0161-3063834 Pariser Building - C10 
Dr Martin Gillie Reader 0161-2754463 Pariser Building - C19 
Dr Tianjian Ji Reader 0161-3064604 Pariser Building - C16 
Dr Kali-Babu Katnam Lecturer in Structural Engineering 0161-2754307 Pariser Building - G12 
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 
Dr Gregory Lane-Serff Senior Lecturer 0161-3064602 Pariser Building - B20 
Prof Qingming Li Professor of Applied Mechanics 0161-3065740 Pariser Building - C9 
Dr Parthasarathi Mandal Reader, Programme Director (UG Civil Engineering), Theme Leader (Bio-Engineering) 0161-3064622 Pariser Building - C6 
Mr Paul Nedwell Teaching & Research Support Manager 0161-3064613 Pariser Building - C 34 
Dr S Olutunde Oyadiji Reader 0161-2754348 Pariser Building - B5 
Dr Majid Sedighi Senior Lecturer and Director of Internationalisation 0161-2754436 Pariser Building - C30 
Prof Jyoti Sinha Professor, Programme Director, Reliability Engineering and Asset Management (REAM) MSc and Head, Dynamics Laboratory 0161-3064639 Pariser Building - B50 
Prof Graham Thompson Emeritus Professor 
Dr Jack Wu Lecturer In Structural Engineering 0161-3065792 Pariser Building - B18 
Dr Zhenmin Zou Lecturer 0161-3062403 Pariser Building - C14 
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