Research focus

Project competencies and education

We explore the role of continuous professional development and lifelong learning to bring about performance improvements. We also have expertise in developing competencies for a low-carbon and sustainable future and exploring the use of learning technologies.

Organisational change and uncertainty

Much of our work deals with organisational change and uncertainty. It is reported that a high proportion (up to 70%) of organisational change management programmes fail. Therefore, our work explores the practices of organisational change and examines the experiences of project participants as they go through ongoing change.

Continuous improvement and project performance

We critically analyse claims of continuous improvement in project performance. We are especially interested in studying the connections and disconnections between the rhetoric and reality of performance improvement.

Engaging with stakeholders

Projects often involve a multitude of stakeholders found within and outside the contours of the project organisation. We undertake research into effective ways of understanding the role of, and engaging with a wide range of project stakeholders. We are especially keen to explain the conditions and consequences of power relations in project environments.

Engendering safety culture

As our work brings us close to engineering contexts, safety is certainly paramount. We explore new ways of making safer work, and examine the role of regulatory codes of conduct in regulating safer work practices.

Understanding sustainable development

Sustainability is a contemporary concern. We explore the variety of ways in which sustainable development is thought about, conversed and enacted in project contexts.

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