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    • Jika Onuchuku (part-time) investigates the drivers and barriers of effective testing processes in the context of the telecommunications sector. This project seeks to develop fresh insights into the prospects and problems of coordinating inter-organisational practices of testing.
    • Tomasz Witkowski (part-time) examines the conditions and consequences of power relations in the process of new product development in the manufacturing industry. Tomasz employs ethnographic methods in the aluminium sector.
    • Fiona Saunders (part-time) investigates how social actors in safety-critical industries (e.g. nuclear power generation) cope with uncertainty.
    • Usman Ali analyses the adoption of configuration management practices in engineering projects. Usman draws theoretical inspiration from the literature on capabilities maturity models.
    • Santi Jintamanaskoon is undertaking archival research to trace the growth of the public-private-partnerships discourse in the British railway industry, with a view to inject fresh perspectives into the study of the industry reform and continuous improvement agenda.
    • Moheeb Abu Alqumboz investigates the role of reciprocity in social networks of inter-organisational learning, with a focus on the creative and media sector.
    • Marco Vera Magos explores identity problems of middle management in the manufacturing industry. The ‘squeezed middle’ is facing increasing stress and reduced well-being, thereby posing challenges to production efficiency. Marco’s work seeks to examine the role identity plays in this respect.
    • Vivian Liang undertakes ethnographic work in airport environments to explore the socio-political dynamics of making decisions about sustainable infrastructure development. Her work draws on the neo-institutional theories to examine the processes of resistance to and reinforcement of ‘sustainability’ messages.
    • Farhad Eizakshiry is motivated by the long-standing interest in understanding project delays in the construction industry. He investigates the role of stakeholders’ intentions and intention actions in planning project schedules, building on the work of Bent Flyvbjerg and concepts of optimism bias and strategic misrepresentation.
    • Shaikha Al-sanad undertakes case study research to examine the diffusion of environmental practices in the Kuwaiti construction industry.
    • Mazen Melebari explores the interconnections between projects and portfolio management and organisational strategy. Mazen’s work draws on contemporary thinking in strategy-as-practice.
    • Kamal Qazi investigates the relationship between policy and practice with respect to the discourse of raising competitiveness in light of the 2008 global financial crisis. Kamal’s work centres on how small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) respond to the UK government’s emerging policies for advancing manufacturing capability.


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