Applications of Structural Fire Engineering (ASFE '17)

7-8th September 2017

ASFE'17 conference will be the next in a series (2009, 2011,  2013, 2015 ) of successful conferences that aim to bring together experts and specialists in design against fire from all over the world to share ideas and to acquire knowledge in the field of structural fire engineering.

Practice in structural engineering increasingly accepts the benefits of performance-based approaches to the design of structures for fire resistance. This conference will focus on the application of design methods, both manual and computational, for structures to resist fire. Particularly relevant themes will be fire modelling, simulation of the heat transfer between fire and structures, and modelling of structural behaviour at elevated temperatures using numerical methods or software implementations of design codes. Case studies showing successful applications of performance-based structural fire safety design, as well as new research studies on the relationships between experimental findings, calculation methods and FE simulations are welcome.

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Organising Committee: Prof Yong Wang; Dr Martin Gillie; Prof Ian Burgess; Dr Shan-Shan Huang; Naheed Akhtar

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Sackville St Building, University of Manchester

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