Water, ocean, coastal and environmental engineering (WOCEE) seminar

Particle Methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions, Recent Advancements and Future Perspectives

Professor Abbas KHAYYER,  Kyoto University,  Japan 

Monday 25th  September, 2.00pm, Pariser Building, room H18












This talk mainly focuses on application of particle methods, more specifically, fully-Lagrangian coupled particle methods for simulation of incompressible fluid flows interacting with elastic deformable structures. The state-of-the-art of FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) simulations, existing challenges and expected future achievements will be discussed during this talk.


Abbas is an associate professor at Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan where he was a lecturer at the same department from 2009 to 2013. He is a world-renowned leading international expert on particle methods for free-surface flow. His research interests include coastal/ocean engineering, computational fluid and structural dynamics, particle methods and their applications in coastal/engineering fields.

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