13th BGA Young Geotechnical Engineers Symposium 2014

30 June – 02 July 2014, The University of Manchester

In these fast changing and tough economic times we are faced with tough challenges in every aspect of our lives.

The Civil Engineering construction industry in general and its Geotechnical Engineering fraternity in particular is under immense pressure due to its face-up with a wide variety of unprecedented challenges like cost reductions, high operation costs and shrinking profit margins, fast natural resource depletion, climate change etc. The regular policy changes and demands like low to almost nil carbon emission status for the new domestic and public housing buildings are now the norm of the day.

All of these are putting extreme burden on the construction industry and people are now coming up with innovative approaches so as to cope with the demands and aspirations of our society in providing them with a sustainable built environment. It is indeed time for all of us to think and re-think carefully about the things that we do at the moment and would want to do in the future.

The future of the Civil Engineering industry are its “youth” and it is for them to take the mantle and lead the path because it will be them who would be responsible in taking all of us through this period. To share the best practice, renew old relationships and build new ones is the purpose of the Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Symposium (YGES).

YGES 2014

YGES flyer

YGES 2014 will bring together young students, researchers and practising engineers to discuss the latest developments in a formal manner so as to share the best practice, knowledge, innovation in research, design and construction in all facets of geotechnical engineering. It will be an exciting opportunity to showcase your thinking and work and gain valuable feedback; and build relationships.


The length of the symposium will be 2.5 days finishing at noon on day 3.

The symposium will follow the style of a professional conference, including oral presentations and discussions (themed workshops), keynote lectures, a social event on the first day and a banquet dinner on the second day.

The workshops will be chaired by academics and also practitioners from the industry. A keynote lecture will be scheduled for each day. Due to the close link between the University of Manchester and the companies in the North West, senior figures from local companies have also agreed to participate in the event.

Contact us

Please contact us at  yges@manchester.ac.uk

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