Kyriacos Makris

The reputation of The University of Manchester amongst my peers, especially in the Engineering department, is perceived highly. After following this course I can see the justification of such a reputation.

Why did you choose The University of Manchester and our Mechanical Engineering Design MSc?

The modules provided by the course seemed very intriguing. That and the fact that the degree is accredited at an international level, made the choice pretty easy.

I had visited Manchester before applying for my Masters degree, and was pleasantly surprised with the social life in both the city and the university. The city is very student friendly, in fact I remember walking around and feeling like I was already a part of it.

What was the best part of the course?

The ultimate satisfaction was being able to see my designs and ideas being implemented using the facilities provided. It is every designer’s dream to be able to see their imagination come to life.

The course has given me the opportunity to observe manufacturing procedures in real life. In fact in some case I was even fully in charge of the procedure, allowing me to learn from my mistakes and develop my problem solving skills.

Any advice for students thinking about this course?

The University of Manchester is very well known and respected in my country of origin. This gives me an additional advantage in finding job opportunities.

I would strongly advise anyone following this course to give their maximum focus and effort, thus taking advantage of everything the course has to offer.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the experience!

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