Mumtaz Alam

I would strongly recommend this course to prospective students, as it will not only provide them with knowledge of new manufacturing technology but also some flavour of management techniques which are now so essential for professional mechanical engineers.

Assistant Engineer at the National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan

Why engineering?

I’ve always wanted to understand the principles of moving parts, which led me to choosing mechanical engineering as my undergraduate degree. Later, working in a manufacturing environment offered me unique experience with state-of-the-art machines. This experience led me to opt for the MSc Manufacturing Engineering course. The main reason for selecting The University of Manchester was its excellent reputation, plus its high ranking amongst the world's best universities.

The learning experience

‘Hands on’ experience with the machines in the lab provided a great opportunity to develop practical skills and understanding. In the beginning the highly demanding assignment system was really difficult for me to cope with. I observed that each and every assignment was a kind of 'mini thesis'! But on the other hand, I found these assignments helped me become used to reading research papers. This proved really useful during the literature review part of my dissertation.

I believe that each and every aspect of my learning experience at The University of Manchester has, and will, help me to work more efficiently in a manufacturing environment. I think the phrase, "I did not join The University of Manchester to learn but to learn how to learn", expresses my experience well. I can proudly say I feel that I can understand and learn the things in a more effective way than before.

More than just a degree

The University of Manchester experience was about more than just getting a degree. Of course, there was the learning - the classes, the labs, the assignments - and then there were my social life and friendships which I really enjoyed. The soft skills which I learned during my time in Manchester are highly valuable in today's high tech world.

The friends from all over the world I made at The University of Manchester are invaluable part of my life now. The University has provided me with an extraordinary curriculum that has benefited me both personally and professionally. Last but not least, after completing my MSc course I feel content, learned and accomplished in a way which I never felt before in my life. 

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