Daipayan Roy Choudhury

Daipayan Roy Choudhury

The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering has always been full of life and talent, from designing fully operational UAV’s through to organising fun social events.

Product Development Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Whitley

My background

I successfully completed my undergraduate degree in 2012, achieving a first in Avionics Engineering from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, India. The highlight of this course was an intense internship at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) where I worked within the IFF (Identification of Friend or Foe) department. Before commencing my masters, I was worked with Ignis Aerospace & Design for a year as an Associate Engineer at the Design department. I was fortunate to work on some extremely challenging projects for customers like Airbus & Bombardier.

"...interesting and challenging"

Currently, I work as a Product Development Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Whitley (parent company: TATA Technologies Europe Ltd). I joined TATA Technologies Europe in January 2015 and was extremely happy to be placed at Jaguar Land Rover, Whitely. My role at JLR is very interesting and challenging at the same time. I currently work in the Vehicle Configuration Team. JLR is a fantastic place to explore my capabilities and utilise my skills to the full potential.

The University of Manchester has enormously helped my career and provided me with a path to move forward.  Studying at Manchester developed my capabilities and has made me competent enough to work at all levels. It enhanced my technical skills to a very large extent which I can utilise at every level of my professional career.

Great opportunities at Manchester

The University of Manchester provided me great opportunities to develop not only my technical knowledge but also my soft interpersonal skills which are essential for any successful professional career. The University not only emphasised academics but also on your personal development as a whole.

I found the practicality involved with each course unit really interesting. I was fortunate to be a part of projects like the design & manufacture of a fully autonomous UAV for tracking purposes in remote environments. Course units like Aerodynamics and Propulsion were well structured to develop your interest in the subject. In addition to this, I was able to work under mentors who are leaders in their respective fields, amongst whom was Dr. Kate Smith. I was extremely fortunate to pursue my dissertation under her guidance. My dissertation involved designing and developing a satellite tracking ground station for analysis and tracking purpose. I am very proud to have shared workspace with world renowned lecturers, who always worked dedicatedly towards their research and knowledge sharing.

The most interesting time of my masters was the period of my dissertation/research which was very challenging and required in depth analysis and knowledge of satellite communications, radio communication, orbital modelling and propagation. It also required me to get a grip on three complex software in a very short time which were MatLab , Systems Tool Kit and LabView. I have always enjoyed problem solving and this project enhanced my problem solving skills to a very high level. It is now fascinating to learn that my research could be used by the University for automatic satellite tracking and data analysis purposes.

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