Andy Weightman

Lecturer and Programme Director for Mechanical Engineering Design [MSc]

Bio-Engineering and Modelling and Simulation research themes

Andy Weightman

If our graduates have enjoyed there time in the School and we have helped them to fulfil their potential providing a diverse range of opportunities for development then I think together we have been successful.

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About the course

I am a Programme Director on the Mechanical Engineering Design [MSc]. I teach data acquisition and experimental methods; this is a fundamental element of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering.

The challenge is to develop technical understanding but also programming skills that industry is demanding. I think the most important thing is to make the course interesting and show the relevance of what we are studying in an industrial context.

I’m an advocate of the flipped classroom which enables students to engage with lecture materials at their own pace allowing us to develop hands on data acquisition and programming skills in traditional lecture time. 

My research

My research is about the development of next generation healthcare technology, this means I get to work with medical professionals and patients. Therefore I find that I am always learning and get to see the positive impact my research can have on people’s lives.

In my research I apply novel engineering solutions for the development of next generation healthcare technology. My current interests are rehabilitation robotics and an active detection system for identifying foot ulceration in people with Diabetes. 

One highlight of my career that stands out is when the parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy told me how much she thought the robots I had developed had helped him improve his arm function. Professional highlights include a paper of the award from an international journal and being selected as a finalist for an NHS innovation award.

About me

I joined the school in October 2013, a strong motivator in me joining was the history of the school and I am excited about the vision for our future.

I’m passionate about teaching, I want to inspire the next generation of Engineers to go out and solve the future challenges our society will face whether that is technological solutions to improve access to healthcare or next generation renewable energy generation.

I hope the students would remember me as passionate and motivating lecturer.

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