Carl Diver

We have excellent equipment that allow students to work on projects that help solve the challenges that industry are facing today and in the future.

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Studying at Manchester

The University of Manchester is a well respected university and its graduates are held in a high regard by industry. Therefore by studying at The University of Manchester you stand an improved chance of securing employment following your studies. I studied here for my Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and also completed my PhD study here. The courses were very informative and helpful for my work in industry. The support and guidance offered by my supervisors was invaluable during the course of my PhD.

Due to the variety of subjects covered by the University there are very good opportunities to collaborate with other departments and to benefit from the expertise within the various departments to make the most of your research and learning.

Links with industry

Having worked in the Automotive Industry for many years, I have very strong industry links and I bring that into the lecture theatre to give practical examples of where manufacturing is used in industry and the typical challenges that a young graduate or research engineer might face in their day to day work within a company.

I feel it is important that our graduates are ready to hit the ground running when they start to work for a company and that they have the necessary tools and background knowledge to get on with the engineering tasks that they might come up against.


My research is focused on the area of electrical machining. These processes are used extensively in production lines in the automotive sector. There are real challenges facing the companies who produce the equipment and also the companies who use the equipment to manufacture their products efficiently and to the required quality.

My research projects are very much focused on solving the issues and challenges faced by industry and in most cases I attempt to get industry collaboration for any projects that I do run so that the students work on real issues that companies are facing.

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