Staff - Academic staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Dana Abi Ghanem Researcher and Lecturer at Tyndall 0161-2754350 Pariser Building - H1 
Prof Timothy Abram Professor in Nuclear Fuel Technology 07730-3064813 Pariser Building - B6 
Dr Imran Afgan Senior Lecturer and Director MSc Thermal Power & Fluids Engg 0161-2754334 George Begg Building - C38 
Prof Robert Ainsworth Professor of Structural Integrity 0161-2754317 Pariser Building - B7 
Dr Olivier Allegre Lecturer in Laser Processing 0161-3064237 Pariser Building - G16 
Prof Kevin Anderson Professor, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research 0161-3063701 Pariser Building 
Dr David Apsley Lecturer 0161-3063732 Pariser Building - C15 
Dr Adrian Bell Senior Lecturer 0161-3064593 Pariser Building - B45 
Dr Paul Blackwell Senior Lecturer 0161-2754434 Pariser Building - E5 
Dr Nicholas Bojdo Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Philip Bonello Reader 0161-2754362 Pariser Building - C7 
Dr Andrea Bottacin Busolin Lecturer 0161-3068970 Pariser Building - B15 
Prof Neil Bourne Director of University of Manchester at Harwell, Thomas Ashton Institute. 
Dr Timothy Braunholtz-Speight Research Associate 0161-2754354 Pariser Building - H1 
Dr John Broderick Lecturer 0161-3069202 Pariser Building - H8 
Dr Paul Chan Lecturer in Project Management 0161-2754319 Pariser Building - E17 
Dr Clara Cheung Lecturer in Project Management Pariser Building - E18 
Dr Andrea Cioncolini Senior Lecturer 0161-3063711 George Begg Building - C32 
Dr William Collinge Lecturer in Project Management / Programme Director Construction Project Management Pariser Building - E8 
Dr Glen Cooper Lecturer in Solid Mechanics & Bioengineering 0161-3065819 John Garside Building - 2.022 
Dr Timothy Craft Senior Lecturer 0161-3068728 George Begg Building - C41 
Dr William Craig Visitor 0161-3068778 Pariser Building - B45 
Dr Nicholas Crisp Research Associate Pariser Building 
Dr William Crowther Reader in Engineering 0161-2754333 George Begg Building - C27 
Dr Lee Cunningham Senior Lecturer 0161-2754408 Pariser Building - B4 
Prof Paulo JDS Bartolo Chair in Advanced Manufacturing 0161-3064887 Pariser Building - C4 
Dr Roohoolamin Darvizeh Lecturer 0161-2754466 Pariser Building - B47 
Dr Keith Davey Reader 0161-3063834 Pariser Building - C10 
Dr Jonathan Dewsbury Visitor 0161-3064259 Pariser Building - G17 
Mr Carl Diver Lecturer 0161-2754391 Pariser Building - G24 
Mrs Helen E Dobson Lecturer 0161-2754449 Pariser Building - E13 
Dr Marco Domingos Senior Lecturer 0161-3064889 Pariser Building - C8 
Dr Iain Dupere Reader 0161-3064246 George Begg Building - C25 
Dr Rodger Edwards Reader 0161-3064250 Pariser Building - G18 
Dr Obuks Ejohwomu Lecturer in Project Management Pariser Building - E22 
Dr Keri Elbhbah Staff 
Dr Margaret Emsley Reader 0161-3064234 Pariser Building - E24 
Dr Muhammad Fahad Research Fellow 0161-3062352 Pariser Building 
Dr Peter Fenn Reader 0161-3064233 Pariser Building - B10 
Dr Antonino Filippone Reader 0161-3063702 George Begg Building - C33 
Dr Timothy Foster Lecturer in Water-Food Security 0161-2754411 Pariser Building - B14 
Dr Georgios Fourtakas Lecturer in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 0161-3062796 Pariser Building - G24 
Dr John Francis Reader 0161-2751913 Sackville Street Building - B38D 
Dr Marialuisa Gentile Research Associate 0161-3062352 Pariser Building - C17 
Dr Paul Gilbert Senior Lecturer in Climate Change Mitigation 0161-3063845 Pariser Building - H9 
Dr David Gillen Senior Lecturer in Laser Machining 
Dr Clair Gough Senior Research Fellow 0161-3063447 Pariser Building 
Dr Zyad Haji Research and Development Engineer - KTP Associate 0161-3062352 Pariser Building - C17 
Dr Graham Hall Senior Lecturer 0161-2754400 Pariser Building - C18 
Prof Julien Harou Professor of Water Engineering 0161-3064589 Pariser Building - B37 
Dr Adrian Harwood Lecturer in Virtual Engineering 0161-2754321 Pariser Building - B16 
Prof David Hayhurst Emeritus Professor 0161-3063818 George Begg Building - C 004 
Prof Sarah Heath Professor of Nuclear Chemistry 0161-2754545 Pariser Building - DALTON NI G FLOOR 
Dr Robert Heinemann Lecturer 0161-3063809 Pariser Building - G14 
Prof Srichand Hinduja Professor 0161-3063808 Pariser Building - G19 
Prof William Hoff Emeritus Professor 
Dr Peter Hollingsworth Senior Lecturer 0161-3063741 George Begg Building - C.30 
Prof Hector Iacovides Professor 0161-3063709 George Begg Building - C36B 
Dr Tianjian Ji Reader 0161-3064604 Pariser Building - C16 
Prof Andrey Jivkov Professor of Solid Mechanics 0161-3063765 George Begg Building - C.034 
Prof Abbie Jones Professor 0161-3063848 Pariser Building - G10 
Dr Christopher Jones Research Associate 0161-2754432 Pariser Building - H1A 
Mr Timothy Jones Senior Lecturer 0161-2754365 Pariser Building 
Mr Khristopher Kabbabe Research Associate George Begg Building - C.011 
Dr Kali-Babu Katnam Lecturer in Structural Engineering 0161-2754307 Pariser Building - G12 
Dr Amir Keshmiri Lecturer in CFD/Director of Business Engagement 0161-3065752 George Begg Building - C42 
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 
Mr Callum Kidd Lecturer 0161-3064616 Pariser Building - E9 
Dr Richard Kirkham Senior Lecturer 0161-3064634 Pariser Building - E16 
Dr Odysseas Kosmas Research Associate 0161-3063727 George Begg Building - C.022 
Dr Jaise Kuriakose Lecturer 0161-2754332 Pariser Building - H8 
Dr Pauleen Lane Lecturer In Geotechnical Engineering 0161-3064592 Pariser Building - B45 
Dr Gregory Lane-Serff Senior Lecturer 0161-3064602 Pariser Building - B20 
Prof Alice Larkin Professor of Climate Science & Energy Policy 0161-3063737 George Begg Building - B1 
Prof Brian Launder Part-time Research Professor 0161-3063801 George Begg Building - C31 
Prof Dominique Laurence Professor 0161-3063704 George Begg Building - C27 
Dr Boyan Lazarov Senior Lecturer George Begg Building - C0.026 
Dr Laura Leay Nuclear Engineering Innovation Fellow Westlakes Science And Technology Park - DALTON CUMBRIAN FACILITY 
Dr Tom Lenahan Visitor 
Prof Geoffrey Levermore Emeritus Professor Pariser Building - G8 
Prof Qingming Li Professor of Applied Mechanics 0161-3065740 Pariser Building - C9 
Prof Lin Li Professor, Associate Dean (Business Engagement and Innovation) of Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Director of Laser Processing Research Centre 0161-3063816 Pariser Building - H11 
Dr Steven Lind Lecturer 0161-2754260 Pariser Building - B3 
Mr David Ling Visitor 0161-3064606 Pariser Building - E19 
Dr Domenico Lombardi Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-2754544 Pariser Building - C27 
Dr Parthasarathi Mandal Reader, Programme Director (UG Civil Engineering), Theme Leader (Bio-Engineering) 0161-3064622 Pariser Building - C6 
Dr Sarah Mander Research Associate 0161-3063259 Pariser Building 
Dr Lee Margetts Senior Lecturer in Structural Integrity 0161-2756319 Pariser Building - G9 
Prof Barry Marsden Professor of Nuclear Graphite Technology 0161-2754399 Pariser Building - G9 
Prof Paul Mativenga Chair in Multiscale and Sustainable Manufacturing, Vice Dean - Social Responsibility, Equality & Diversity - Faculty of Science and Engineering 0161-3063821 Pariser Building - H12 
Dr Carly McLachlan Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change and Knowledge Exchange Fellow Pariser Building - H9 
Dr Vipin Michael Staff 0161-2754409 George Begg Building 
Prof Paul Mummery Chair in Nuclear Materials 0161-3063686 Pariser Building - G11 
Dr Adel Nasser Senior Lecturer 0161-3063537 George Begg Building - C39 
Dr Laura O'keefe Business Engagement Officer (FSE) 0161-3062697 Sackville Street Building - B13 laura.o' 
Dr S Olutunde Oyadiji Reader 0161-2754348 Pariser Building - B5 
Dr Kassandra Papadopoulou Lecturer in Enterprise 0161-3064652 Roscoe Building - 5.16E 
Dr Ben Parslew Senior Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Robert Prosser Reader 0161-3063716 George Begg Building - C038 
Dr Mark Quinn Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 0161-2754557 Pariser Building - E2 
Dr Lei Ren Reader in Biomechanics and Biorobotics 0161-3064251 Pariser Building - C13 
Dr Alistair Revell Reader, Deputy Head of School, Dir. Social Responsibility 0161-3063762 George Begg Building - C40 
Dr Peter Roberts Senior Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering 0161-3064636 George Begg Building - C8 
Dr Mirjam Roeder Visitor 0161-2754344 Pariser Building 
Prof Benedict Rogers Professor Pariser Building 
Mr Jack Rostron Visitor 
Dr Matthew Roy Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments 0161-2754316 Pariser Building - B49 
Dr Majid Sedighi Senior Lecturer and Director of Internationalisation 0161-2754436 Pariser Building - C30 
Dr Razvan Sencu Research Associate 0161-3062606 Pariser Building - F5 
Dr Maria Sharmina Lecturer 0161-2754308 Pariser Building 
Prof Jyoti Sinha Professor, Programme Director, Reliability Engineering and Asset Management (REAM) MSc and Head, Dynamics Laboratory 0161-3064639 Pariser Building - B50 
Dr Katharine Smith Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 0161-3063731 George Begg Building - C36 
Prof Mike C Smith Professor of Welding Technology 0161-3065751 George Begg Building - C43 
Prof Constantinos Soutis Professor of Aerospace Engineering 0161-3068593 James Lighthill Building - E1 
Dr Timothy Stallard Reader 0161-3064649 Pariser Building - B17 
Prof Peter Stansby Osborne Reynolds Chair 0161-3064598 Pariser Building - B9 
Dr Ian Stewart Senior Lecturer and Assistant Programme Director 0161-3063705 Pariser Building - E04 
Mr Yongle Sun Research Associate 0161-2751916 Sackville Street Building 
Dr M Ahmad Syed Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-3064637 Pariser Building - E15 
Dr Azam Tafreshi Lecturer 0161-2754459 Pariser Building - B2 
Prof Richard Taylor Bnfl Chair in Nuclear Energy Systems 
Prof Graham Thompson Emeritus Professor 
Prof Patricia Thornley Professor in Sustainable Energy systems 0161-3063257 Pariser Building - H4 
Dr Van-Xuan Tran Visitor 0161-2754331 George Begg Building 
Prof Ali Turan Chair in Thermodynamics of Power Generation 0161-3063712 George Begg Building - C44 
Dr Joel Turner Dalton Nuclear Fellow - Nuclear Fuel Technology 0161-3064601 Pariser Building 
Dr Sergey Utyuzhnikov Reader and Director MSc Aerospace Engg 0161-3063707 George Begg Building - C35 
Dr Anastasia Vasileiou Dalton Fellow in Adv Nuclear Manufactrng 0161-2751916 Sackville Street Building 
Prof Yong Wang Professor 0161-3068968 Pariser Building - C2 
Dr Paul Watkins Reader 0161-3063706 George Begg Building - C.024 
Prof Stephen Wearne Visiting Professor 0161-3064615 Pariser Building 
Dr Andrew Weightman Senior Lecturer 0161-3063812 Pariser Building - B19 
Dr Andrew Welfle Research Associate Pariser Building - TYNDALL CENTRE H1 
Paul Wheelhouse Visiting Lecturer 
Mr Ian Whyte Senior Lecturer 0161-3064627 Pariser Building - C6 
Dr Moira Wilson Visitor Pariser Building - G25 
Dr Dean Wilson Research Associate George Begg Building 
Dr Ruth Wood Lecturer 0161-3063715 Pariser Building - H1 G 
Dr Robert Worth Staff Pariser Building 
Dr Jack Wu Lecturer In Structural Engineering 0161-3065792 Pariser Building - B18 
Dr Jillian Yeow Lecturer in Business Model Innovation 0161-3067573 Pariser Building 
Dr Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo Lecturer in Plant Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Pariser Building - E2 
Prof Shan Zhong Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics 0161-2754318 George Begg Building - C29 
Dr Zhenmin Zou Lecturer 0161-3062403 Pariser Building - C14 
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