Staff - Readers, Senior Lecturers and Senior Research Fellows

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Imran Afgan Senior Lecturer and Director MSc Thermal Power & Fluids Engg 0161-2754334 George Begg Building - C38 
Dr Paul Blackwell Senior Lecturer 0161-2754434 Pariser Building - E5 
Dr Philip Bonello Reader 0161-2754362 Pariser Building - C7 
Dr Andrea Cioncolini Senior Lecturer 0161-3063711 George Begg Building - C32 
Dr Glen Cooper Lecturer in Solid Mechanics & Bioengineering 0161-3065819 John Garside Building - 2.022 
Dr Timothy Craft Senior Lecturer 0161-3068728 George Begg Building - C41 
Dr William Craig Visitor 0161-3068778 Pariser Building - B45 
Dr William Crowther Reader in Engineering 0161-2754333 George Begg Building - C27 
Dr Lee Cunningham Senior Lecturer 0161-2754408 Pariser Building - B4 
Dr Keith Davey Reader 0161-3063834 Pariser Building - C10 
Mrs Helen E Dobson Lecturer 0161-2754449 Pariser Building - E13 
Dr Iain Dupere Reader 0161-3064246 George Begg Building - C25 
Dr Rodger Edwards Reader 0161-3064250 Pariser Building - G21 
Dr Margaret Emsley Reader 0161-3064234 Pariser Building - E24 
Dr Peter Fenn Reader 0161-3064233 Pariser Building - B10 
Dr Antonino Filippone Reader 0161-3063702 George Begg Building - C33 
Dr John Francis Reader 0161-2751913 Sackville Street Building - B38D 
Dr David Gillen Senior Lecturer in Laser Machining 
Dr Martin Gillie Reader 0161-2754463 Pariser Building - C19 
Dr Clair Gough Senior Research Fellow 0161-3063447 Pariser Building 
Dr Peter Hollingsworth Senior Lecturer 0161-3063741 George Begg Building - C.30 
Dr Tianjian Ji Reader 0161-3064604 Pariser Building - C16 
Mr Timothy Jones Senior Lecturer 0161-2754365 Pariser Building 
Dr Robert Prosser Reader 0161-3063716 George Begg Building - C038 
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 
Dr Lei Ren Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics 0161-3064251 Pariser Building - C13 
Dr Gregory Lane-Serff Senior Lecturer 0161-3064602 Pariser Building - B20 
Dr Alistair Revell Reader, Deputy Head of School, Dir. Social Responsibility 0161-3063762 George Begg Building - C40 
Dr Boyan Lazarov Senior Lecturer George Begg Building - C0.026 
Prof Benedict Rogers Professor Pariser Building 
Dr Parthasarathi Mandal Reader, Programme Director (UG Civil Engineering), Theme Leader (Bio-Engineering) 0161-3064622 Pariser Building - C6 
Dr Adel Nasser Senior Lecturer 0161-3063537 George Begg Building - C39 
Dr Timothy Stallard Reader 0161-3064649 Pariser Building - B17 
Dr Sergey Utyuzhnikov Reader and Director MSc Aerospace Engg 0161-3063707 George Begg Building - C35 
Dr Paul Watkins Reader 0161-3063706 George Begg Building - C.024 
Dr Moira Wilson Reader 0161-3064245 Pariser Building - G25 
Prof Shan Zhong Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics 0161-2754318 George Begg Building - C29 
Dr S Olutunde Oyadiji Reader 0161-2754348 Pariser Building - B5 
Dr Ben Parslew Senior Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Matthew Roy Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments 0161-2754316 Pariser Building - B49 
Dr Majid Sedighi Senior Lecturer and Director of Internationalisation 0161-2754436 Pariser Building - C30 
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