Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Miss Jane Acres Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Mechanical Engineering 0161-3063750 George Begg Building - B15 
Mrs Rachael Ashworth Project Manager 0161-2754526 George Begg Building - B15 
Miss Sue Barter Undergraduate Admissions Administrator 0161-3063846 George Begg Building - B15 
Mrs Karen Baylis Student Support And Welfare Officer 0161-2754387 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Joe Beeso-Cope Communications Officer 0161-3064045 Renold Building - B28 
Miss Lisa Bell Research Development Officer - Tyndall Centre 0161-3063258 Pariser Building - H1-E 
Miss Tara Bhatia Programmes Administrator for Reliability Engineering & Asset Management and Structural Engineering MSc 0161-2754393 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Carl Blake Senior Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Administrator 0161-3063756 Pariser Building - C1 
Mr Robert Brown Snr. Elect. Tech. 0161-3062626 Pariser Building 
Dr Stephen Burley Project Officer 0161-3063811 Pariser Building - C36 
Mr Dennis Cooper Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063796 George Begg Building - C26 
Miss Carole Critchley Student & Education Support Co-ordinator 0161-2754547 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Damian Crosby Teaching Assistant Pariser Building 
Mrs Sue Davies Executive Assistant To Head of School 0161-3064242 George Begg Building - B1 
Mr Christopher Eaton Senior CNC Technician Pariser Building 
Mr Paul English Specialist Welding Technician 0161-2751910 Sackville Street Building 
Mr Alan Espley Senior Welding Technician 07873664337 
Mrs Janine Flanagan Research Support Manager 0161-3064545 Pariser Building 
Miss Ellen Fox Student & Education Support Co-ordinator 0161-3064590 George Begg Building - B15 
Ms Michelle Fox Teaching And Learning Manager 0161-3068965 George Begg Building - B15 
Dr Hugh Frost Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063722 George Begg Building - A7 
Mr David Golding estates technicial coordinator 0161-3063748 George Begg Building - A13 
Mr Niall Gorton Recruitment and Conversion 0161-3062259 Pariser Building - C1 
Dr Wei Guo Experimental Officer 0161-2751915 Sackville Street Building - B38G 
Mrs Angel Harper PA to Director of Modelling and Simulation Centre 0161-2754360 George Begg Building - C.46 
Miss Rebecca Harrington Admissions & Student Recruitment Manager 0161-3068969 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Ross Holmes Laboratory Technician 0161-3063838 Pariser Building 
Mrs Yulia Jensen Postgraduate Taught Programmes Administrator 0161-3063754 Pariser Building - C1 
Mrs Christine Jinks Experimental Officer 0161-3064254 Pariser Building - C35 
Dr David Jones Students Workshop Instructor 0161-2754377 Pariser Building 
Mrs Vicky Jones Postgraduate Admissions Administrator 0161-2754442 Pariser Building - C1 
Miss Stacey Kendall Postgraduate Programme Administrator 0161-2754341 George Begg Building - B15 
Dr Andrew Kennaugh Experimental Officer (note : phone not connected yet) 0161-2754421 George Begg Building - A3 IN THE CORNER 
Mrs Sonya Kewley Geotechnics Laboratory Technician 
Mr Callum Kidd Lecturer 0161-3064616 Pariser Building - E9 
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 
Miss Beverley Knight Postgraduate Research Programmes Administrator 0161-3064641 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Stephen Knox Software Development Team Lead 
Ms Svetlana Kuimova Assistant/Administrator to the research Groups 0161-2754320 Pariser Building 
Mr Thomas Lawton Practical Design Coordinator 0161-2754448 Pariser Building - C35 
Miss Jacinta Livesey Teaching & Learning Manager 0161-3063752 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Martin Lockey Senior Pg Admissions Administrator 0161-2754345 Pariser Building 
Mr Ian Lunnon Experimental Officer 0161-2754420 George Begg Building - C022 
Mrs Rachel Lyons Project Manager 0161-3063703 Pariser Building 
Miss Michelle Mallon Academic Secretary 0161-2754507 Pariser Building 
Mr John Mason Technician 0161-3062793 Pariser Building 
Mr Stuart Mcintyre Workshop Manager 0161-2754447 Pariser Building 
Mrs Loraine Mckoy Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Aerospace Engineering 0161-2754302 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Andrew Morris Technician 0161-2754523 
Miss Lauren Moss Admissions Co-Ordinator (Tuition Fee Assessment) 0161-2758834 Student Services Centre - B.002 
Mr Elias Mungwala Acting Research Support Manager 0161-3064587 Pariser Building 
Mrs Hannah Murray Conversion and Recruitment Administrator 0161-2754441 Pariser Building - C1 
Mrs Kerry Mycock Student Experience Manager 0161-2754323 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Paul Nedwell Teaching & Research Support Manager 0161-3064613 Pariser Building - C 34 
Miss Jenny O'Mara Student & Education Support Officer for PDP (Professional Development Programmes) George Begg Building j.o' 
Mr Philip Oakes Technical Coordinator 0161-3063720 Pariser Building 
Ms Reyes Palacios Rolls-Royce Nuclear UTC Administrator 0161-2754424 Pariser Building - B11 
Mrs Natalie Parish Senior Mechanical Workshop & Flight Simulator Technician George Begg Building - A10 
Mr Alan Pease Academic Secretary 0161-2754535 George Begg Building - B2 
Dr Marc Schmidt Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063826 Pariser Building - G15 
Miss Amrita Sidhu Project Officer Pariser Building 
Mr Gurmuckh Singh Workshop Technician 0161-3062800 Pariser Building 
Dr Paul Slavin Full Stack Web Developer Pariser Building 
Ms Rinat Smith Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Civil Engineering 0161-3064495 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr Michael Smith Academic Support Manager 0161-3066457 George Begg Building - B15 
Mr William Storey Technician 0161-3063838 Pariser Building 
Miss Jane Syme Programmes Administrator for MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems Management, MSc Aerospace Engineering, MSc Mechanical Engineering Design and MSc Thermal Power & Fluid Engineering 0161-3063770 George Begg Building - B15 
Mrs Ekaterina Tarasova Research Support Manager 0161-3064699 Sackville Street Building - B6 
Mr Kevin Totton Senior Technician 
Miss Melanie Ward Workshop Tech 
Dr David Whitehead Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063820 Sackville Street Building - ROYCE LAB, B30 
Mr Eddie Whitehouse Technician 0161-3062410 Pariser Building 
Mr Michael Wilkins Technician 0161-3062334 George Begg Building - A4 
Mr Anthony Williams Senior Technician Pariser Building - WORKSHOP 
Mr Alexander Williams Lead Technician 0161-3063833 Pariser Building - A36A 
Mr Daniel Wilson Technician 0161-3062387 Sackville Street Building 
Mr Mark Winnington Technician 0161-2754378 
Mr Ian Winstanley EDM Technician 0161-2751921 Sackville Street Building 
Mr Robert Wroe Experimental Officer 0161-3064620 Pariser Building - C36 
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