Teaching and Learning

Name Role Tel Location Email
Miss Jane Acres Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Mechanical Engineering 0161-3063750 George Begg Building - B15 jane.acres@manchester.ac.uk 
Mrs Karen Baylis Student Support And Welfare Officer 0161-2754387 George Begg Building - B15 karen.baylis@manchester.ac.uk 
Mr Joe Beeso-Cope Communications Officer 0161-3064045 Renold Building - B28 joe.beeso-cope@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Tara Bhatia Programmes Administrator for Reliability Engineering & Asset Management and Structural Engineering MSc 0161-2754393 George Begg Building - B15 tara.bhatia@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Carole Critchley Student & Education Support Co-ordinator 0161-2754547 George Begg Building - B15 carole.critchley@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Ellen Fox Student & Education Support Co-ordinator 0161-3064590 George Begg Building - B15 ellen.fox@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Stacey Kendall Postgraduate Programme Administrator 0161-2754341 George Begg Building - B15 stacey.kendall@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Beverley Knight Postgraduate Research Programmes Administrator 0161-3064641 George Begg Building - B15 beverley.knight@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Jacinta Livesey Teaching & Learning Manager 0161-3063752 George Begg Building - B15 jacinta.m.livesey@manchester.ac.uk 
Mrs Loraine Mckoy Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Aerospace Engineering 0161-2754302 George Begg Building - B15 l.mckoy@manchester.ac.uk 
Mrs Kerry Mycock Student Experience Manager 0161-2754323 George Begg Building - B15 kerry.mycock@manchester.ac.uk 
Mr Michael Smith Academic Support Manager 0161-3066457 George Begg Building - B15 michael.smith@manchester.ac.uk 
Ms Rinat Smith Undergraduate Programme Administrator - Civil Engineering 0161-3064495 George Begg Building - B15 rinat.smith@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Jane Syme Programmes Administrator for MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems Management, MSc Aerospace Engineering, MSc Mechanical Engineering Design and MSc Thermal Power & Fluid Engineering 0161-3063770 George Begg Building - B15 jane.syme@manchester.ac.uk 

BP Engineering Program

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 moray.kidd@manchester.ac.uk 

PMPD Distance Learning Programme

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Callum Kidd Lecturer 0161-3064616 Pariser Building - E9 c.kidd@manchester.ac.uk 
Miss Jenny O'Mara Student & Education Support Officer for PDP (Professional Development Programmes) George Begg Building j.o'mara@manchester.ac.uk 
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