Penelope Jeffcoate

PhD Civil Engineering

Penelope Jeffcoate

My research assess the impact of tidal barrages by implementing improved three-dimensional modelling.

About my research

Project title: Near-field Flow Downstream of a Tidal Barrage: Experiments, 3-D and Depth-averaged Modelling

Abstract: Energy from tidal barrages is renewable, predictable and has high potential in regions with large tidal ranges, such as the Severn Estuary and the Mersey. The main perceived problem with tidal barrages, however, is the environmental impact they have on the surrounding area, such as changes to flow dynamics and sediment transport, as well as disturbed marine ecosystems and interrupted fish migration.

In order to accurately assess the impact of tidal barrages, three-dimensional experimentation and modelling have been conducted; the results from these will be used to evaluate whether previous 2-D modelling methods were accurate for flow prediction and also whether improved modelling methods can provide more accurate predictions for bed velocity and bed shear stress.

The improved 3-D modelling can then be used to determine how the flow velocities throughout a channel are affected, how this then affects the bed and thus where scour and sediment deposition occurs. From these results the impact on marine habitats and the future efficiency of a barrage can be investigated.

Expert group: Tidal Renewable Energy

Research group: Energy and Environment

Supervisor: Professor Peter Stansby

Awards: 1st Presentation Award, PGR-MACE11, The University of Manchester, 2011

Previous qualification: Aerospace Engineering [MEng], The University of Manchester

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