Yao Wang

PhD Management of projects

Yao Wang

The training programme helps students to gain breadth as well as depth of knowledge, and builds up a portfolio of valuable and transferable skills.

About me

I applied for the role through the CareerLink website of the University of Manchester. My PhD degree makes me stands out from the candidates, giving me a strong competitive advantage.

Through the PhD study, I've acquired strong self-learning ability and strict self-discipline. It has been very helpful me to absorb new knowledge more quickly and also provides me with an analytical view of my work. 

Overall, this degree is an excellent opportunity to enhance your ability, and it is also an amazing experience to conduct your research with your supervisor and colleagues. You will learn and improve through this process and these will become your advantage for the future.

I have really enjoyed that fact that it provides an excellent opportunity to experience all functions of the organization.

My project

Project title: The application of game theory to incentives for innovation in modern business

Abstract: I have been researching with Franke of Switzerland, one of the world's foremost kitchen sink manufacturers.

The training programme helped me to gain breadth as well as depth of knowledge, and to build a portfolio of valuable and transferable skills. It involves movement throughout the organization, working in different teams and offices, experiencing different customers, channels and projects.

The company also supports me towards gaining a professional qualification - studying towards becoming a Qualified Accountant with a recognized accounting body.

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