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This site aims to provide free information on structural fire engineering, initially funded by DTI and a number of industrial partners. Read more...

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Since 1st Feb 2005

Structural Fire Engineering Design

What is structural fire engineering?
Understanding the basic principles and benefits of Structural Fire Engineering.

How to design?
Learn about the basic requirements and methodology of fire safety design.
structural fire engineering quick solutionsQuick solutions – Prescriptive approach
Simple quick fire safety solutions for the non-experts.
structural fire engineering  performance based approachPerformance-based approach
Looking for optimum solutions? Try performance-based approach.
Case Studies
Find a wide array of case studies that cover Structural Fire Engineering designs.
structural fire engineering fire codesLearn the fire codes
Here are some educational packages on fire codes of Eurocodes and British Standards.
Learn the materials
Understand the behaviour of common construction materials under fire conditions.

Services & Products For consultant services and relevant fire safety products
World Fire News
UK Fire News
World Fire News
Technology & Communications
Industry Wire

Sites, Video, Blog, Books
Structural Fire Engineering


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