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Case Studies: Introduction

Case studies where state-of-the-art fire design has been used will be provided, along with historical fires for a better understanding of structural behaviour in real fires.

The first part of this section reviews the historical information on major fire occurrences in buildings, civil constructions and infrastructures, which resulted in structural damages including partial or total failure/collapse of structural members.

It has been prepared based on information available in the public domain, including news database and published literature. The content will be updated as further information becomes available. Any individuals and organisations having authoritative information on these fire events are welcomed to contribute and validate the content given here.

The review will generally identify the occurrence of fire, the degree of fire damage, the types of construction, the fire protection system, the lessons to be learned and the sources of information for each fire event.

The review is divided into three groups according to the type of construction:

A 'comfort-factor' to designers using new and innovative design methods is that other designers have applied the methods previously. There are a number of examples, albeit from a limited number of organisations, where new design methods have been successfully applied to create more economical structures.

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