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General Requirements




Financial Loss Prevention


Environment Protection


Approved Document B

General Requirements

The objectives of fire safety in buildings should be clearly defined, together with acceptance criteria, at an early stage in the design process.

The minimum level of safety is associated with protection of life and is covered by legislation. This covers the life safety of people within the building, people situated in the proximity of the building and firefighters.

It may be necessary to increase the legislative minimum level of fire safety to reduce the risk of large financial losses and damage to the environment.

For financial loss prevention consideration should be given to minimising the damage to the structure and fabric of the building, the contents of the building, business continuity and possible damage to the corporate image. By considering the effects of possible financial loss insurance premiums may reduce. Guidance on property protection is given in the LPC Design Guide for the Fire Protection of Buildings 2000.

For environmental protection consideration should be given to the effects of fire on adjacent buildings and the release of hazardous materials into the environment, including the run-off of water used to fight the fire.

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