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Educational Packages
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Introduction for Educational Packages

BSI Global Education packages explain the use of the structural fire codes. This will cover both the British Standards and Eurocodes. In the case of the concrete Code, BS8110, most designers do not venture beyond Part 1, where the fire design is covered by a simple tabular method. There is a need to educate and introduce designers to the methods in Part 2, where more economical designs are possible. The steel design Code, BS5950 Part 8, has recently been amended, by a Working Group chaired by Professor Bailey, and there is a need to educate designers in its economic use.


The Eurocode covering the structural fire design of steel, concrete, timber and masonry structures are reaching their EN status. There is an urgent need to educate UK designers in the use of these codes, which provide more sophisticated design methods compared to the existing British Standards. Without this education, UK designers will be at a distinct disadvantage compared to their European competitors who are currently using these methods.

Educational Packages

Education packages comprising PowerPoint presentation and written commentary will be developed by UMIST, as part of this project, enabling designers to use the Eurocodes. CPD certificates will also be available to users following completion of a marked tutorial sheet to show that they have completed the presentation and understood its contents. The education packages covering the British codes will be free to use. However, the education package covering the Eurocodes and the issuing of CPD certificates may incur a charge to cover on-going maintenance of the web-site.

  Educational Packages
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