What our students say

Tom Cotterill

"From an organisational point of view the quality of the teaching and administration on the PM PDP course is excellent, the correct mix between theory, practice and personal study has been sought which allows students to benefit fully from this course whilst also being able to continue with full time employment. The PM PDP course has provided me with numerous insights to professional project management which have been tailored with practical examples to ensure it is relevant to my industry. More importantly however the course has helped me to develop a new method of learning, different to that of previous degree courses that I believe will enable me to continue with professional learning and development throughout the remainder of my career. The PM PDP course has been the single most rewarding and enlightening course that I have completed in a decade of employment, and post (first) degree professional development."


James Rooke

"When I embarked on the PM PDP my objective was to gain a better understanding of the range of tools and techniques that are important for a project manager. However, throughout the course I developed an appreciation for the systemic nature of project management and grew to learn a set of skills that still offer value in my role today. As a result of completing the course not only have I improved my knowledge and arsenal of functional and practical tools and techniques for project management, but I have developed a way of thinking that allows me to address my projects from an entirely different perspective. The programme staff offer valuable and relevant insight from real life project management experience, stretch candidates thinking and offer a truly valuable support mechanism throughout the duration of the course that has allowed me to develop in to an all-round improved project manager. "

AT Kearney

Chris Dawson

"4 ½ years of participation on the PM PDP provided me with the opportunities and prompts to seek out and apply new methods, tools and ways of thinking. From this application I have acquired knowledge, which has enabled me to deal with increasingly complex situations. In turn this has enabled me to execute roles of increasingly complexity and hence aid my career progression. A further benefit of the programme has been to learn from individuals working within other market sectors and organisation."


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