How we teach

Plenary, Midterm and Study Sessions

  • Plenary session

The initial plenary session (for those delegates starting the programme) acts as a course induction with lectures and workshops. This includes a session for Unit 1 (and all other units for continuing delegates) to discuss the unit content. Delegates receive access to the workbook, assignment, reading materials and textbook for the unit(s) they have chosen.


  •  Midterm 

For certain (not all) units, delegates attend the University for a one day midterm session to help with coursework submissions. You will be informed at the unit plenary session as to whether or not you will need to attend a midterm session.


  • Half day study sessions

Seven non-assessed half day study sessions run throughout the programme and cover important aspects of managing projects, including:


  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Stakeholder and Customer Relationship Management
  4. Change Management
  5. Organisational Strategy/Strategic Management
  6. Economics, Accounting, Finance
  7. Organisational Behaviour

Contact Days

The mandatory plenary
The mandatory plenary session begins the cycle again for subsequent units. Assessments are taken and new units are introduced. Study cycles involve 4 days (2 plenary and 1 midterm and 1 study session day).

Contact for the rest of the study period is maintained by a combination of email, telephone and by using the virtual learning environment.

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