Postgraduate research conference 2011

Postgraduate research conference 2011

Conference booklet 2011

Postgraduate Research Conference was held on 14th December 2011. The focus of the conference was on oral and poster presentation of current research by the School’s MPhil, PhD & EngD researchers. It covered all aspects of research within the school including:

  • Energy, Environment & Climate Change,
  • Extreme Loading & Design,
  • Aerospace,
  • Manufacturing & Laser Processing,
  • Nuclear Engineering

and all other topics of current research.

Oral presentations winners

1st prize

Penelope Jeffcoate (£250)
Near-field flow downstream of a barrage: experiments, 3-D and depth-averaged modelling

2nd Prize

Nicholas Bojdo (£200)
Design and Performance of Engine Inlet Barrier Filter Systems

3rd Prize Athanasios Mokos (£100)
Multi-phase Modelling of Violent Hydrodynamics Using SPH
3rd Prize Alistair West (£100)
Thermal Mixing around In-line Tube Banks

Poster presentations winners

Jiao Jiao
Nanoscale surface and sub-surface engineering of transparent materials

Joel Turner
The Thermal Oxidation of A3-3 Matrix Material

Emmanuel Fernandez
Analysis of Floating Support Structures For Marine and Wind Energy

Dalila Ammour
LES and URANS Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Natural Convection Flow Inside 3-D Rectangular Tilted Differentially Heated Cavities

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