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Aerospace Engineering [MSc]

The academics teaching on this course carry out research in wide range of aerospace engineering. Topics include:

Aerospace design

  • Aerodynamic optimisation studies
  • Quality and environmental standards in the design of aerospace vehicles
  • Multiobjective optimisation

Staff: Dr S Utyuzhnikov, Dr P Hollingsworth, Dr K SmithDr B Crowther

Computational aerodynamics

  • Aerodynamics of aircrafts
  • Projectile and missile aerodynamics


Staff: Prof D Laurence, Dr S Utyuzhnikov

Turbulence modelling

  • Development and application of mathematical models (RANS)
  • High accuracy methods for representation of turbulence (Direct & Large Eddy Simulations)
  • Coupling statistical and deterministic approaches (RANS/ LES)

Staff: Prof D Laurence, Dr T Craft, Dr A Revell, Dr S UtyuzhnikovProf A Turan

Hypersonic flows

  • Structural fault identification
  • Fracture/crack mechanics/analysis
  • Composite materials/structures
  • Computational and Experimental Aerodynamics

Staff: Dr S O Oyadiji, Dr Z Zou, Dr P Bonello, Dr Sergey Utyuzhnikov, Dr Shan Zhong

Experimental aerodynamics and flow diagnostics

  • Laser diagnostics
  • Advanced heat-transfer and pressure measurement techniques
  • Flow measurement and monitoring systems
  • Planar visualization methods
  • Design and development of wind tunnels and shock tubes
  • Boundary layer laminar-turbulent transition
  • Flow separation control

Staff: Dr B Crowther, Dr S Zhong


  • Active noise shielding and sound control


 Staff: Dr S Utyuzhnikov, Dr I Dupere

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