Meet some of our graduates from 2013

Tresnadi Prabowo

Tresnadi Prabowo
Tresnadi Prabowo is a Maintenance Engineer for Danone AQUA in Indonesia. 

Following the completion of my degree in my home country, I decided to take Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management [MSc] in order to expose myself to the field of maintenance, which has been considered by various industries as a strategic opportunity for enhancing competitive advantage.

During this MSc course, I was taught by lecturers who are also experts in solving “real life” industrial problems. I also had the opportunity of sharing cross-functional industrial experiences with my colleagues during this course.

I am currently working as a maintenance engineer at Danone Aqua Indonesia, one of the most popular water & beverage manufacturing company in South East Asia.  This MSc degree significantly enhanced my ability to secure my current job, since the taught modules in the MSc course were perfectly aligned with the business needs of the company. As one of the company’s long term objectives is to change their current maintenance approach from ‘fire-fighting’ to more preventive approach, I am currently involved in their maintenance improvement project, starting from the establishment of a pro-active maintenance organization in each plant to the implementation of preventive maintenance strategies for the critical assets in the plants.

Muhamad Kalam Azat Abu Bakar

Muhamad Kalam Azat Abu Bakar
Muhamad Kalam Azat Abu Bakar is a Maintenance Engineer specialising in electrical and instruments for SPIE Oil & Gas Pvt Ltd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This is a course which covered the essential parts of maintenance engineering and management. This course gave me a much wider and deeper understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of plant maintenance. All  the lecturers that taught in this course are knowledgeable and possess valuable maintenance experience from various industries. With all of these, University of Manchester is a great place to learn and develop a solid career path in maintenance and asset management. I really enjoyed this course while it lasted and now is the time for me to implement what I have learnt from one of the best universities.

Tossaporn Rungrojkijjakarn

Tossaporn Rungrojkijjakarn graduated in 2013 and now works for Siam Cement Group Chemical in Thailand.

In my point of view, I categorised this course into 2 main sections: the practical and theoretical sections. 

In the practical section, this course is very helpful for me to crystallise my working knowledge and experience. Moreover, I can share the working experience with the lecturers and my classmate, and use it to improve my work efficiency and effectiveness.

In the theory section, I can learn how to maximise the machine efficiency by using the reliability analysis and condition monitoring. This course gives me a chance to apply the theory into my real case. So it is very helpful for me.

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