Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering [MSc]

This programme enables graduates to acquire training in the theory and practice of a broad range of industrially relevant topics within the fields of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern engineer both in industry and in research or education establishments.

The programme objective is to produce postgraduate specialists with:

  • advanced understanding of heat and fluid flow processes and their role in modern methods of power generation
  • in-depth understanding of numerical and experimental techniques in heat and fluid flow
This course is accredited by:

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering MSc is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Meet your professor
Imran Afgan

Dr Imran Afgan

"The MSc TPFE is a highly successful programme with a clear aim to train and educate thermal fluids engineers capable of meeting present and future demands of both academia and industry."

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