Example dissertation projects

Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering [MSc]

Pollutant pathlines, A1 motorway, Paris

Following the successful completion of the first part of the course, the students embark on a four-month research project. For each student the topic of the project is the same as the one chosen for the Research Planning unit, for which a literature survey and a research plan will have already been produced.

Students have the opportunity to choose a project from a variety of research topics that reflect the range of expertise of the academics that contribute to the course.

Many of these projects would be related to on-going research programmes in one of the four research groups that support this course, namely the Advanced Flow Diagnostics, the Experimental Aerodynamics, the CFD, the Energy and Multi-Physics and the Turbulence Mechanics groups. A research project in industry is also sometimes possible. Flow animations that resulted from recent computational and experimental research projects.

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