Supporting facilities

Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering [MSc]

The following experimental research facilities are available:

The Experimental Aerodynamics and Advanced Measurement Technology Laboratory has a range of subsonic wind tunnels, a hypersonic tunnel (M=4.0 to 7.0), a transonic/supersonic wind tunnel (M=0.9, 1.4, 1.8), shock tube rigs (circular, square), a water tunnel, comprehensive laser and optical instrumentation and measurement capability (PSP, TSP, LIF, LDA, PIV, liquid crystals etc.) and in-house developed 2-D/3-D codes for simulation of shock wave related phenomena.

The Combustion Laboratory has several lab scale burners for both fundamental research and teaching. An industrial gas turbine combustor (1 Megawatt) has been installed for testing and research. A high pressure test burner up to 10 bar will be commissioned soon. The burner has two quartz windows and two pure silicon windows, which are transparent to infrared and longer wavelength (e.g. Terahertz wave). Besides the conventional diagnostic techniques the group is known for in house developed unique and innovative diagnostic techniques, which could be applied not only in flame dynamics studies but also in many fast moving dynamic systems. The team has great strength on signal and image processing capabilities including multi-channel data acquisition, high speed imaging and stereo imaging.

Heat Transfer Laboratory has stationary and rotating flow rigs using air and water, a large scale pressure swirl atomizer for the study of internal flow fields and outlet spray conditions and an advanced wall heat flux sensor facility.

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