Academic support and welfare

Student staff committees

Our student staff committees meet around once a month, and give current students the opportunity to discuss and feedback any issues with School staff.

At the start of each term, students from each year group are offered the chance to stand as their course representative.   Elected students receive full training from the Students Union to ensure they can carry out their role successfully.  

Personal tutors

All MACE students are assigned a personal tutor from among our academic staff. Your tutor is able to advise on a range of topics including academic related topics (such as course requirements, progression or changes of course) and non-academic topics (such as accommodation, or finance).   

During their first year, all MACE students meet with their personal tutor once a week at a designated time.  In subsequent years students continue to Personal Tutors on a regular basis.

Welfare and disabilities

Our School is committed to supporting students all our students and have a dedicated Student Welfare Officer who works closely with the University's main Disability Support Office. 

Whilst we understand that not everyone who might need to use our disability support services thinks of themselves as disabled, we use the single term ‘disability’ to cover a broad range of physical and sensory impairments, medical conditions, specific learning difficulties and mental health needs. Further information

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