Concrete Laboratory

We have the capacity and facilities for making significant structural sections in reinforced concrete or composite construction.


Three servo hydraulic machines are available within the lab. The largest is an Avery column and beam rig pictured centre and left below. This has a maximum capacity of 2500kN with a clear height of 3.0m and a maximum span of 4m. Though single acting it is capable of slow dynamic cycling.

The Universal Testing Machine, below right, has a maximum capacity of 300kN and is used extensively for teaching and project work as well as for research. In addition we have an Amsler compression machine having a 450 mm square platten and a maximum capacity of 300kN. We also have a number of furnaces which are used to study small components at high temperature.


Recent Projects

  • Repair of heat damaged columns with glass, carbon and Kevlar fibres as well as ferrocement.
  • Investigation of novel steel column to beam connections.
  • Investigation into thermal and mechanical properties of recycled materials in concrete. 
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