Heavy Structures Lab

Heavy Structures Laboratory

This is a space which has been used for many different experiments. Having strong floor points and a hydraulic ring main both static and dynamic loads up to 500 kN and 500 mm stroke can be applied using servo controlled actuators.

High capacity testing

The universal testing machine below has a capacity of 300 kN and is used extensively in teaching, project work and research.


With no fixed layout the space may be configured however is required using purpose built rigs. Instrumentation is provided "in-house" as are all data logging functions.


Our recent consultancies have been fatigue testing of sections of cast iron beams from Newcastle High Level Bridge and a novel test where alternating pressure and vacuum were applied to a curved section of tunnel lining to simulate the passing of vehicles. This was achieved by constructing a stiff box having the lining as its front face with a thin sheet steel backing which was "pumped" in and out using a horizontally mounted hydraulic actuator, shown below left.

Recent Projects

Recent tests have included composite slabs (right) and column to slab connections (left and centre) research projects funded by the research councils and industry.

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