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Laser Processing Research Centre

Close up of laser equipment

About the Laser Processing Research Centre

We delve into the deep science of laser modelling processing.

Industrial applications

  • aerospace
  • consumer goods and textiles
  • automotive
  • medical and healthcare
  • electronics, photonics and security
  • construction and building
  • energy and nuclear

The Laser Processing Research Centre is part of the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at The University of Manchester and performs advanced modelling to support a range of experimental works.

Our research focuses on four distinct areas:

  • additive and shaping processes;
  • computer simulation and modelling;
  • cutting, drilling and welding;
  • micro, nanoprocesses, nanophotonics and metamaterials.

In 2011 our micro nano team, in collaboration with Data Storage Institute and National University of Singapore scientists, developed the world's first 50nm resolution white light nanoscope.

Today we continue to push boundaries with our innovative research.