Thermophysical analysis suite

The thermophysical analysis suite in our material laboratory provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for the determination of material properties at high temperatures for the purpose of predicting and modelling behaviour of nuclear materials under extreme conditions. These systems are cleared for work with radionuclide based materials.

Simultaneous thermal analyser (STA)

The Netzsch STA 449 F1 system is a state of the art thermal analysis system that combines the functions of a Differential Scanning Calorimeter and a Thermogravimetrical Analyser in one unit. It can be utilised in e.g. the determination of heat capacity data, oxidation behaviour, phase transition analysis or thermochemical dynamics. Analyses can be carried out under sealed vacuum conditions as well as a variety of process gases. The highly accurate Pt/Rh furnace allows for analysis temperatures of over 1750 K.

Instrument contacts: Dr Marc Schmidt, Dr Joel Turner.

Dilatometer (DIL)

The Netzsch DIL 402 C Dilatometer is capable of measuring the thermal expansion of materials, as well as detecting the softening and glass transition points of materials. The system is vaccum tight and can utilise a variety of applications.

Instrument contacts: Dr Marc Schmidt, Dr Joel Turner.

Laser flash analyser (LFA)

The Netzsch LFA 457 Laser Flash Analyser is used to determine Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat Capacity of materials. The system permits tests under controlled atmospheres and can be operated up to 1350K.

Instrument contacts: Dr Marc Schmidt

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