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Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Dynamics and vibration facilities

Our labs are equipped with a range of advanced facilities that enable us to model, measure and control the dynamic response of engineering structures, particularly mechanical vibrations.

Transducers and signal conditioning hardware

We have vast array of transducers and signal conditioning hardware, including:

  • accelerometers
  • force gauges
  • displacement probes
  • strain gauge measurement systems (inc. slip rings for rotating machinery)

Electromagnetic shakers

We have a large number of electromagnetic shakers of various capacities up to 1kN dynamic force.

Data acquisition devices

Our labs host several multi-channel data acquisition devices and associated data acquisition and analysis software, including:

  • SignalCalc Mobilyzer running on Abacus dynamic signal analysis hardware
  • LMS Test.Lab running on LMS SCADAS

Other facilities

Our labs also feature a wide range of experimental rigs, including:

  • High-speed rotor test rig for foil-air bearings (used in oil-free turbomachinery)
  • Turbine blade vibration test facility with chopped air jet excitation (enclosed in an acoustic chamber)
  • Various test rigs incorporating smart vibration control devices, eg: tracked vehicle suspension
  • Human-structure interaction rig for crowd loading dynamic analysis
  • Rotor test rig for squeeze-film damper bearings (used in aero-engines)
  • Various rigs for condition monitoring of rotating machinery and structures (including fault diagnosis, damage detection, online heath monitoring, combustion monitoring)
  • Rig for leakage and blockage detection in pipelines