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School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Areas of expertise

Our research activities and interdisciplinary approach are underpinned by the diverse expertise of our staff and researchers.

  • image of a jet engine


    The use of ground and flight-based experimental test techniques to improve design and grow innovative aerodynamics concepts for the future.

  • Military aeroplane in hangar looking out at fields and mountains

    Aerospace vehicle systems

    We work at the frontier of what is possible in the design and operation of unmanned vehicles that operate in the Earth’s atmosphere, low Earth orbit and under water.

  • Older man talking to younger man next to industrial equipment

    Engines and emissions

    Our research is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reducing carbon emissions from engines in land-based and airborne vehicles and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change from fossil-fuel combustion.

  • Close-up of a graphene-based printed circuit board

    Industry 4.0

    Also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 covers automation and data exchange in new digital technologies, including cyber security, Big Data, the Internet of Things and machine learning.

  • Researcher using laser equipment wearing dark safety goggles

    Laser processing

    Laser material processing is a multidisciplinary subject, covering multi-physical processes such as thermal, mechanics and optical modelling in multi-scales.

  • Two men looking at a chart on a wall

    Management of projects

    Researching process, people and technological issues associated with the policies and practices of project-based organisations.

  • 3d printed breast implant

    Materials for medicine

    We work at the interface between physical and biological sciences, developing a new generation of artificial tissue models to underpin human regeneration processes.

  • Graphical representation of microscopic close up of red and turquoise cells.

    Mechanics and physics of solids

    Understanding and modelling the life of engineering materials and structures during their service.

  • Close up of a tiny white robot in the shape of a bee


    Our research allows exciting opportunities to provide novel engineering solutions for a wide range of problems within many diverse areas including aerospace, robotics, energy, biomedical and nuclear applications.

  • A sea-based windfarm

    Offshore renewable energy

    Reduction of carbon emissions and the generation of renewable energy combine to form the greatest challenge of our age.

  • Graphic showing a predominently blue cube surrounded by blue, green and yellow balls

    SPH @ Manchester

    Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is one of the most exciting new areas in the field of computational fluid dynamics.

  • Visual display from Concorde showing speed of Mach 2.00

    Structures in extreme environments

    We work to understand the safety and resilience of structures, particularly in extreme situations, contributing to improved methods of assessment, design and construction.

  • Graphic showing variously shaped coloured elements passing round a red oval


    Research into fluid mechanics, encompassing renewable energy, thermal power, nuclear hydraulics and turbulence modelling.

  • Man wearing virtual reality headset

    Virtual engineering

    Virtual Engineering is a fusion of cutting-edge computer science, visualisation and engineering simulation, using augmented and virtual reality to develop new, intuitive tools for the future of engineering.

  • water treatment plant ivan-bandura

    Water resources

    Research to help guarantee the security and sustainability of resource systems (water, energy, food, environment) in the 21st century.